Still Accepting Enrollment for Full year teams, certain skill level is required to join.‚Äč

2nd session of 1/4 year (Aug-October session) registration is july 30th 5:00-7:00 p.m.

What is a Cross Over? What is an Understudy?

A cross over is an athlete on more than one team.  We refer to these individuals as "double teamers". An understudy is an athlete that practices with the team learning all positions incase a team member is injured or cannot perform for what ever reason. 

All tryouts are held at our gym:
4560 Bowen Blvd. C Kentwood Mi 49508

Is There a Tryout Fee?

Not for the tryout itself. In order to be placed on a CCM team for the 2018 season the first and last months tuition of the season, and the $50 yearly registration fee is due by the day you tryout for full year. Half year and 1/4 year registration fee is $25 and first months tuition. 

What Should I Wear?

Athletic form fitting clothes, and hair pulled out of face. Cheer shoes or clean soft soled shoes are highly recommended. You are allowed to go barefoot for tryouts if you do not own cheer shoes. No gum, or jewelry please :)

What Will I have to Do?

You will show us your jumps, flexibility and what ever tumbling "flip" skills you have. Never cheered before? Don't be nervous to tryout! Our instructors will teach you some skills to show at tryouts. We will teach you everything you need to know to get through the tryouts and then the rest when practices start. Everyone makes a team no matter their experience level, tryouts is realistically just a "skill evaluation" for our coaches to get an idea of what team to place you on. 

everyone makes a team! no experience needed, ages 3-18, all skill levels Welcome!


(Age as of August 31st)

Tiny- 6 years and under
Mini- 6-8 years old
Youth- 9-11 years old
Junior- 12-14 years old
Senior- 15-18 years old
Open- 19-25 years old


(General break down)

Level 1- Cartwheels, round offs, walk overs
Level 2- Springs, series of springs
Level 3- Front and Back tucks running
Level 4- Layouts and tucks from standing
Level 5- Fulls and Double Fulls
Level 6- College ONLY- release move inversions
General: Teams are broken up 1st  by team type preferred (local/ travel etc), and 2nd by the athlete's age, and then 3rd by their skill level. 
Tiny/Mini and all level one teams are considered "prep/ local". Level Two and youth and above are considered "travel/ limited travel". Please see the "teams" tab for more information.
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