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Grand Rapids Cheerleading, Capital Cheer West Michigan offers classes and teams for all ages and skill levels. Gymnastics Tumbling classes available.

Half year team clips

Local Team Clips

Everyone makes a team, we will train you! No experience needed to join


Half Year

2 sessions

1st session May-Oct session 2nd Nov-April

This is a half year non competitive show team. Perfect for students who join mid season.

  • Practices 1 time per week /1 hour
  • 2 performances at local competitions
  • Practice clothes NOT required
  • Warm ups OPTIONAL
  • Performance outfit required
  • half off of all classes

Prep (tiny age)


  • One practice per week 1 1/2 hours
  • Limited free open gym
  • 4 in state competitions in "all star prep" category
  • Competitive prep team uniform (one piece)
  • Practice clothes NOT required
  • Warm ups optional
  • 1/2 off of all CCM classes



  • Level 1
  • In state only
  • Two practices per week 1 1/2 hours each practice
  • Free open gym (unlimited)
  • ~5 in state competitions (chance to receive bids)
  • Practice clothes required
  • Competitive cheer uniform
  • Warm ups required
  • half off of all classes



  • Level 2 and up
  • Two Practices per week two hours each practice. (3 practices every other week in fall) half off all classes
  • Free open gym (unlimited)
  • Additional tumbling class required.
  • 6 in state competitions/ exhibitions
  • 2 bordering state competitions
  • 1-2 non bordering  state competitions (including summit or US Finals) 
  • practice clothes required
  • warm ups required
  • Competitive cheer uniform 
  • Chance to receive paid bids
Grand Rapids Cheerleading Company of Michigan, Gymnastics, and Dance Training