USASF Athlete Profile

Required for all FULL YEAR team athletes

Please visit to create your athlete profile "Member Info" and then "Athletes New". There is a how to section for parents on the step by step process on building profile. Athletes will need their birth certificate and a photo uploaded to their profile, this is easier to be done on a desk top computer. Do not forget your log in information as well as to fill out ALL the fields in the profile. You will need to request to be apart of our gym "Cheer Company of  Michigan" in order to be apart of our gym profile, this is similar to requesting a Facebook Friend. There is a $30.00 fee paid to the USASF, this needs to be done in order to register athletes on our roster at competitions and performances.


Competition Hair is 1/2 up 1/2 down curly. We recommend "Curl Formers". If hair exceeds shoulder length we require athletes to put hair in high pony tail with a "bump" on top. Please see our YouTube channel "Cheer Company of MI" for our competition hair and makeup tutorial. 

Tuition & Fees

​Tuition will be auto drafted from your account  that is on file on the 1st of every month. Tuition price is dependent on the team type your athlete is placed on. Class tuition can be auto drafted as well please give 6 day notice to cancel class auto draft.
Please note fees other than tuition for example competition fees are NOT auto drafted. We need a signature if you would like to use your card on file and there is a 5% fee added to fees other than apparel. Uniforms, competition fees camps etc can be paid by cash or check.

Cheer Shoes

Youth age Level 1 and below, Chasse Pro Flex Cheer Shoe can be purchased at
Level 2 athletes Junior and above Varsity Cheer shoe.  Can be found on our pro shop. 

Practice Clothes

Ordering Date is the first 1-2 weeks of practice. Please wear athletic form fitting clothes such as spandex shorts/ sports bra or tank until practice clothes are in. 
There are two sets of practice clothes required for our local and travel team types. This is optional to have for class or other team athletes. There is a "Turquoise" outfit that will be worn by athletes on their first practice of the week "Monday or Tuesday". Our "black" outfit will be work on the second practice of the week, the "Wednesday or Thursday". This outfit for females can be ordered in a sports bra or sports tank version. We ask that Monday/Tuesday practices athletes wear either a turquoise, black, white, or silver bow. Wednesday and Thursday practices athletes are free to wear any  color/ style bow. 

Please no gum, long nails, hair exceeding mid back or jewelry. 

Warm ups

Warm ups required for only travel team athletes recommended for other team types, there is a matching jacket and pants set that can be ordered at the desk (order forms available in lobby). There is a sizing chart available to size athletes for warm ups. Photo of artwork for warm ups are available at the desk. Men's and Women's warm ups are different styles and slightly different in design and color.

Uniforms & Bows

Half year team (full length), prep team (full length) and the competitive teams  (crop with converter) all wear different uniforms and bows. Note that all bows are not included in uniform price and will need to be purchased and order separately. Please be sure to be sized by Coach Laura at the front desk. Midriff converter tops are available for competitive athletes that do not want their stomach exposed in their uniforms. These are required for Junior teams and below. Specific bra tops are to be worn under competitive cheer uniform, nude or white sports bra is to be worn under the prep uniform and a blue, black, silver white or ccm sports bra is to be worn under Half Year team uniform. No show white socks at competition, no nail polish or jewelry!  

Competition List

Please visit "Contact" "Important Dates" tab.


We have several forms of communication at Cheer Co., please subscribe to your teams remind texting system, please visit our website frequently for updates, request to be apart of our members only Facebook group ask desk for information! We send out weekly email updates as well as always update our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages! Paper hand outs are occasionally handed out, bulletin board is located in lobby for updates. Fundraising table is located in back corner of lobby! Any questions or concerns please email Laura at call or text 616-540-0110. Please set up parent meetings for longer issues or questions.

Performance Make up

​CCM Turquoise glitter (5 and up) or CCM turquoise shadow (5 and under) on the eye lid, charcoal color to be worn in the crease. Bronzer/ blush liner and lashes can be worn depending on age of athlete. Cheek tattoos are optional, red lip stick is required for all athletes. Makeup available for purchase at desk.

Competition Fees

 All 3-6 installments must be paid by November in order to participate at the first competition. Exact pricing on competition fees will be released by end of May.
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