"If you participate in Competitive Cheerleading then you cannot be on your school cheerleading team".

False and True
You can participate in sideline non competitive cheerleading for your school team such as football season. The MHSAA has a rule that you are not allowed to participate in "same sport same season". This rule makes you ineligible to compete for MHSAA cheerleading. You cannot be competitive for the same sport at the same time, we allow it, however the MHSAA does not. You can be a school sideline cheerleader and competitive cheerleader, OR you can be on our half year show cheer team which is non competitive and compete for your high school. 


"If you participate in Competitive cheerleading you can no longer compete with any high school sport for 2 years. 

This is FALSE! All of our cheerleaders make a team, our tryouts are posted publicly and we do not make cuts or collect endorsements, we also do not recruit top of the line elite athletes to be in our program. The term all star has people confused, the MHSAA rule limiting all star athletes are meant for the athletes such as olympians or top of the line that in a sense are paid to play. Competitive cheerleading is "pay to play", we are a small business just like a gymnastics gym and a dance studio we teach and train all of our athletes from levels 1-6 the youngest starting at 3 years old. We compete against other privately owned competitive cheer gyms similar to ours. Athletes that we compete against are not paid they are just like us. The word All-Star emerged to separate strictly competitive non school related teams and sideline cheerleaders. This term has many people fearful and the MHSAA has yet to 100% clarify to ALL SCHOOLS that our sport does not fall under these rules. This rule can be very damaging to our reputation and cost many athletes of ours that participate in other sports lose potential scholarships to college in those sports. 

Can I still participate in a Cheer Co. Class, Half year team, open gym etc. and still compete with my school? Can my team be trained by Cheer Co despite the MHSAA?


There is nothing limiting you to be trained at our facility. If you are allowed to train at a gymnastics gym with tumbling and open gym there is no reason you are not allowed to participate in our program. 

What should I do if my coaches or school is telling me I am ineligible to compete?

to avoid these problems you should....

Set up a meeting with the Athletic director and superintendent of the school. Cheer Co. would be happy to meet with them bring brochures and information about our program to explain and clarify the confusion. Our hands are tied because we are not affiliated with the schools and cannot attend meetings unless we are an athletic director or superintendent, all we can do is patiently wait around and explain ourselves on a situational basis. We would be happy to have a conference or meeting with your coaches or school directors. 
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