2017/ 2018 Athletes of the month

July- Addison 

August- Olivia

September- Sophia

October- Kirsten

November- Maria

December- Ava

January- Mikena/ Chloe

February- Emily S.

March- Alyson

April- Aleah P.

Athlete of the year

2014-2015 Brandon G!

2015-2016 Brandon G!

2016-2017 Tara K!

2017-2018 Kirsten S!

Athlete of the Month 

Cheer Co. prides themselves in hard work and success. Every month our coaches decide who they believe is the hardest working, that is the most driven and stands out among the rest. This athlete receives a highlight video of their skills at the end of the month. At the end of the season we pick one athlete who stood out the most out of all the athletes of the month and they win a scholarship  for the following season. This athlete of the year "MVP" does not have to have the most superior skills in the program or be the most talented, we determine athlete of the year based off of their work ethic, dedication, commitment, responsibility, compassion and other traits that represent the ultimate title of an ideal CCM athlete. Thank you to all of our athletes especially our athletes of the month for all for your drive and motivation as a CCM athlete. Videos of every athlete of the month can be found on our YouTube channel "Cheer Company of Michigan".

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