What Is Competitive Cheerleading?

      Competitive Cheerleading is the nation's fastest growing sport. It is different than cheerleading seen in schools and cheering for other sports teams. Competitive Cheer is not sideline cheerleading, we focus on the competitive aspect with our elaborate flashy competitive routines. Everyone makes a team, we teach you everything about competitive cheerleading so there is no experience required to join. We do not make cuts or solicit only elite athletes such as other all star sports. Our goal is to push athletes to the best of their abilities resulting in scholarships for college and national championship titles. We accept athletes ages 3-25 and compete them in the USASF levels. Competitions are throughout the state of Michigan, some of our teams travel out of state at the higher competitive levels. 

      Many times you will not see all-star cheerleaders do "cheers" or "chants". All-star cheerleading is mainly a combination of gymnasts and dancers. Many of our athletes start with no experience, we teach and train all of our students to the highest of their abilities. Our sport is very diverse, all ages, athletic abilities, backgrounds are accepted, there is a team for everyone.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Cheer Company of Michigan is to safely teach athletes with proper technique and training to become the best cheerleaders in the nation with instruction by properly trained and certified instructors. Athletes’ will learn self-discipline, respect, communication and compromise, while training to be among the top athletes in the nation. Our mission is not only to educate children about experience in life, but also to provide a happy and safe environment. It is our goal to make every athlete that comes to Cheer Co., they very best cheerleader they can be. We will provide them with skills that will carry them onto high school, college and the real world. Our mission is to coach athletes on how to be the best and how to succeed. Athletes will learn that although winning is very positive, it is not guaranteed. We will show them the importance of good sportsmanship and community service. Our mission at Cheer Co. is to be among the best coaches and gyms in the nation. Cheer Co. has a fully trained staff that is approved and certified by the U.S. All Star Federation!

What Do We Offer?

 Cheer Co. of Michigan offers competitive cheerleading teams, show cheer teams and all types of classes for boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. CCM specializes in gymnastics tumbling classes, and classes that focus on the fundamentals of cheerleading such as Jumps, flexibility, and strength conditioning. Cheer Co. offers squad training for local and national cheerleading teams, as well as private camps and clinics hosted by our phenomenal staff. Private training lessons are available, as well as choreography and music for all types of cheerleading teams.

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