"Cheer Co isnt just a cheer team, its a family. You form lifelong friendships and bonds while traveling around the country competing and having the best time of your life. You become the best athlete and form resiliency, self esteem, and endurance."

Abby Kilmer

Central Michigan University Student

​CCM Alumni 

Parent Recommendations 

Athlete Recommendations 

"My experiences at Cheer Company of Michigan were amazing. The coaching staff really cares for their athletes, and we always came first.  Plus, the coaches are very knowledgeable about cheerleading. I went from a weak layout to Arabians and double fulls in a little over a year. I learned a ton about self confidence, teamwork, work ethic, and leadership at CCM. I still use most of the skills I learned there to this day. The athletes are still my friends today. Cheer Company of Michigan pushed my teammates and I physically because they believed in us. They knew what we were capable of and didn’t let us be less than the best. Cheer Co. is a fantastic gym."

Brandon Gonzales-Bertapelle

GVSU Co-ed Cheerleader CCM Alumni

Professional Recommendations 

"As someone who has been involved for cheerleading since 1985, I can say that I have never met
a more professional set of owners than Laura and Josh Chapman of Cheer Co. of Michigan.  Their attention to detail in presentation of the gym, organization of tryouts / placements of teams to 
execution of routines in competition is second to none~!  They are a fine example of a small gym
with big gym thinking and vision for the future."

Lynne Mensack
Former Director / Co-Owner; Liberty Cheer Institute
USASF Certified Judge

"Cheer Co of Michigan is the best! I had 2 five year old girls join this past fall for the half year team and they had a blast! The coaches were so sweet and taught my girls a lot about teamwork, stunting, tumbling and flexibility. The owners Josh and Laura Chapman always demonstrated kindness, professionalism and fairness to all their athletes. They go above and beyond to make everyone feel like family! I am so grateful for the whole Cheer Co staff they made my girls first cheer experience amazing!"

Rachael Bender Cheer Mom

Grand Rapids Cheer

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